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Bring your own laptop

Do yourself a favour and join pre-conference workshops to advance in technologies you know or to try out new and shiny tools.

Important info! Workshops take place on 16th September 2015 and in a different venue than the conference itself. Sign up during the conference registration.
scott allen

Scott Allen

Building Applications with ASP.NET 5

ASP.NET 5 begins a radical departure from the origins of the ASP.NET framework over 15 years ago. With a new project structure, configuration system, and runtime, ASP.NET is now a lean framework for building web applications. In this workshop, we'll look at the new project structure and compilation model, the unification of ASP.NET MVC and the ASP.NET Web API, and the new Node.js tools that integrate with Visual Studio.

oliver sturm

Oliver Sturm

JavaScript for JavaScript developers

In a way, we all know JavaScript already… but how many of us have taken it seriously right from the start? Many experienced developers find themselves in jobs these days where JavaScript programming is a fast-growing part of the work, whether they like it or not. Of course the basics of the language feel easily familiar and don’t seem too hard to understand anyway, but then there are also complex concepts of modularisation and structural aspects, various tools on client and server, loads of frameworks, some of which feature clever and intricate language integration, and an abundance of syntax surprises!

The goal of this all-day workshop is to “really” get to know the language JavaScript, in the various environments where it can be found today. If you have a few basics but also feel the need to learn more about advanced topics, this is for you! Working along on your own laptop will be possible (power will be provided) – expect few slides, but lots of code and examples!

mathias brandewinderl

Mathias Brandewinder

Machine Learning and Functional Programming

Machine Learning and Functional Programming are both very hot topics these days; they are also both rather intimidating for the beginner. In this workshop, we’ll take a 100% hands-on approach, and learn practical ideas from Machine Learning, by tackling real-world problems and implementing solutions in F#, in a functional style. In the process, you will see that once you get beyond the jargon, F# and Machine Learning are actually not all that complicated – and fit beautifully together. So if you are curious about what Machine Learning is about, and want to sharpen your developer skills, come with your laptop and… let’s hack together!

What you should expect:

  • no F# or Machine Learning prerequisites: complete beginners are totally welcome,
  • a hands-on introduction to basic Machine Learning ideas, by solving real-world problems,
  • a practical introduction to writing effective F# code,
  • lots of coding on fun problems!
  • you will need a laptop with and IDE running F# running; check for instructions on how to get setup.